Urban95 Phase-II
With the success of Urban95 Phase-I, Udaipur has now moved into bigger & larger phase, i.e. Urban95 Phase-II, starting from February 2021, focusing on scaling up and sustainability of various projects through various “lighthouse” projects in neighbourhoods, streets and junctions, parks, and health facilities, incorporating Urban95 components in policy, enhancing institutional capacities through trainings and peer learning, and build a broad coalition of support by involving relevant stakeholders in projects and other initiatives to be undertaken over the period of 36 months.
In the above context, ICLEI- Local Government for Sustainability, South Asia (also the Urban95 Phase- I technical partner) in collaboration with Ecorys India Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as a ‘Technical Partner’ & have setup a PMU which is stationed at Udaipur for planning, designing, implementing various activities proposed under the Urban95 Phase-II, along with overall overseeing & monitoring of the project activities under the able leadership, guidance and support from Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) and other government stakeholders during the entire project duration.
S.No. Title Download
1. Inception Report, Urban95, Phase-Il
2. Urban95, Phase-I Overview, Achievments
3. Urban95, Phase-II Introduction & Scoping
4. Rapid Behavioural Assessment_Dissemination
5. Urban95 Udaipur Kids Festival- 2April'22
6. Semi-Permanent Intervention_AWC, Manoharpura- Final
7. Ashok Nagar CPZ_Design_Semi-Permanent Intervention
8. Semi-Permanent Intervention-PHC, Sec11 Hiranmagri- Final
9. 1.5KM of Shared Street & Child and Family-Friendly Junctions_Design for Semi-Permanent Intervention
10. Yearly Program Assessment Report