SITUATED 3 KMS WEST OF UDAIPUR NEAR the Havala Village is the Center"s Shilpgram the rural arths and Crafts complex. Spread over an undulating terrain of 130 bighas ( 70 Acres) of land and Surrounded by the Aravallies

The Rural Arts and Craftys Complex is conceived as a living ethnographic muuseum to depict the lifestyles of the folk tribal people of the West Zone. Within this Complex.huts of the member geographical and ethnic groups residing within the West Zone of pethaIndia comprising of five Federal Srares. In this Integrated pattern 5 huts from Rajasthan, represeting Weaver's community form Marwar.

There are 2 huts named after the two sand bound villages of rama and from the desert region of western Rajasthan. Form the hilly region of Mewar, is a potter's hut from the village dhol,70 Kms West of Udaipur . Two huts represent the tribal parmer communities of the bhil and sehariyas of southern regions Rajasthan.

There are 7 representative huts from the state of Gujarat. A cluster of six huts from banni araa and one from Bhujodi havwe been selected from the arid wastelands of kutch. the banni clister consists of two huts each of the Rebari, Harijan and Muslim communities famous for their weaving, embroidery, bead & lambdia village near poshina ih North Gujarat is represented with a potter's hut. Adjoining to the Lambdia potter's workshop at the shilpgram is the weaver's hut from vasedi village in chota udaipur area in western Gujarat. Two huts represent the Dang and Rathwa tribal farmer communities of southern Gujarat. in addition to there, there is an ornately wooden house form pethapur near Gandhi nagar.

Literally meaning a "Craftsmen's village" is a living ethnographic museum deicting the enormous diversities in craft, art & culture between various Indian states but the exquisite terracotta work mainly in dark red nad dark brown san d material along with the wooder carving are the forte of this enthie village.

Special Attractions Includes
  • Craft Stalls, Camel & Horse Rides & Swings for Children.
  • The Terra Cotta Museum, Ethnographic Museum
  • The Kothi Museum and Sculpture Park
  • Daily Cultural Performances
Timings: 11.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs(all days)