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Suraj Pole Circle(AQI - 65, Status - Satisfactory, PM2.5 - 36)         Hadi Rani Circle(AQI - 54, Status - Satisfactory, PM2.5 - 31)         Sukhadiya Circle(AQI - 67, Status - Satisfactory, PM2.5 - 36)         Pratap Nagar Circle(AQI - 65, Status - Satisfactory, PM2.5 - 37)         

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WNo-23 WNo-24 WNo-26 WNo-29 WNo-30
WNo-31-1 WNo-31-2 WNo-32 WNo-33 WNo-35
WNo-36 WNo-37 WNo-39 WNo-54 WNo-55
       Nodal Officer : Rameshwar Lal Sharma, Executive Engineer, Udaipur Nagar Nigam  
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