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Disclaimer:    All the information provided below is indicative only. This shall                       not have any legal standing & is for sole reference purpose only.                       Further details can be obtained from the office of Udaipur                       Municipal Corporation (UMC)
Q. What is the procedure for registration & obtaining Birth & Death Certificate? Birth Certificate:
It is necessary to register Birth Record of only those cases which are born within the area limit of Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC). Birth registration is Compulsory within 21 days of Birth. After 21 to 30 days Re.-1 will be charged as a penalty for delay of registration. After 30 days registration can be done only giving NOTARIES/ SHAPATH PATRA. After One year of birth registration can be done only after order of court. Person will get first copy of Birth Certificate Free of cost. This will be in Hindi only. Any additional/ duplicate/ English copy shall be charged at Rs. 10/- per copy.

Note- Same procedure will be applicable for registration and issue of          certificate for death cases.
Q. What is the procedure to obtain Building Permission on land that is in the      Municipal limit?
Building Permission:
Approval of building construction will be given within the 30 days of receiving of application, As per building by-laws up to certain limit / area of plot building permission not required. There is a provision of fee to get building permission on different heads i.e. Development fee, application fee, road cutting, malba shulk etc.

Note- Building permission will be provided for some fixed period, if          construction work is not completed within this time, person should          apply again for extension.
Note- Information on Building Permission charges can be obtained from office          of UMC
Q. What is the procedure to obtain Food Licence?
Food Licence:
it is necessary for those Businessmen how are involved in production/sales of food items/Hotel business. This will be issued by Health office after physical verification of the location. This is issued under food and Adulteration act. The validity of the same is for one year only & it needs to be renewed annually.
There is a Licence fee which varies for different business categories.

Note- Information on the fees & other charges can be obtained from office of UMC
Q. What is the procedure to obtain details about my Urban Development Tax?      How should I get the demand/ account corrected?
Urban development tax:
It is a self assessment tax calculation method. Earlier it was called house tax and now it is known as an urban development tax. It is applicable on all commercial & residential properties having plot area of 100 Sq. Yard and 300 Sq. Yard respectively. Method of tax calculation is: (Area X DLC Rate)/2000. It is calculate on yearly basis only. Demand can be obtained from assessment officer of UMC.
Q. What is the procedure to obtain details about my Lease Tax? How should I     get the demand / account corrected?
Lease Tax:
This is a rent (lease) on property which is given by Nagar Nigam or Development Authority / UIT/ Housing Board on ownership or Rental Basis for a fixed Period. It is calculated as: (plot size X lease rate) on yearly basis. There is a provision for increment on lease in case of change of transfer of owner/ change in land use/ 15 yearly increment etc. One time Lease also can be paid. It is: (ten times the current lease amount). “Lease Mukti” or “One time lease certificate (OTLC)” can be obtained after paying one time lease.

Note- Information on the fees & other charges can be obtained from office of          UMC
Disclaimer:  The information provided on this website is indicative only. The Visitors are requested to collect authentic information from section                                    concern of Corporation. The Information provided on this website cannot be produced for legal purpose.
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